IMG_4405We would like to invite you to a unique bible study experience!

Thursday evenings: 6:30-8:30 March 3rd through May 26th
Lighthouse Christian Center, Puyallup WA (253) 848-2028
Who is invited? Women and girls age 13 and up
Free childcare available with advanced registration. 
Registration now open at:

Hollylu Coon, a popular NW women’s speaker and author is teaching another session of her first Bible study, the Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Real with God right here in the South Sound. 
The GGGRWG is a life application bible study.   Taking a break from structured formats and video teaching, the study focuses not so much on “knowing more” but on “living more of what you know”. 
Here’s the deal.  If you want the “full life” promised in John 10:10, you have to surrender more and more of your actual self while you are “actually living”.  Easy to say.  Hard to do.  We’ve found working in small, intimate groups designed to encourage and spur each other onward is a great way to start feasting on the bread of life! However, probably because small groups are so effective in fostering authentic Christian living, small groups can run aground in a ka-billion different ways.  Satan works overtime to keep us all from living real.
Enter the Girlfriend’s Guide.  This study is set up so that groups of friends attend together with the focus on pulling the Sunday morning experience into the Monday morning chaos.  You sign up as a group and sit as a group.  There are many opportunities to get to know other attendees, but the primary goal is to create a godly support system that can go with you into the future.
The bible study focuses on the spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible reading and fellowship.  Participants learn to take stock of strengths and weaknesses and move forward in their relationship with God with the encouragement of fellow believers.
Hollylu wholeheartedly believes that bible study should be rock star awesome and anything but boring.  So the Girlfriend’s Guide includes YouTube segments, current music, and many interesting twists andIMG_1077 turns.  It is fun.  Very fun.  But always with the goal of being meaningful.  Because it is so self directed, this study challenges both younger Christians and more seasoned sisters.  It’s about discovering where you are at with God right now, and making a plan to move “onward and upward”!
We want to reach women who desire to “live real” regardless of age, denomination, or “years in the fold”.  If you have heard Hollylu speak, you know that her presentations are candid, funny and straight from the heart.  Her teaching is God centered, compassionate and inspiring.  Now is your opportunity to go deeper with a great teacher. For more information on taking this study as a group OR as an individual, check out or register today at We hope to SEE YOU in MARCH! 

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