Truth and Dares…

Hello Friends! 

Hey there! So. (Awkward pause) Do you want to come stuIMG_3973dy the Bible with me? (Big breath. Pulse rate quickening.) But not just for the purpose of studying the Bible? But for actually trying to live out all the stuff in the Bible? (And now, I am looking at my feet.)
Why is it so hard to invite people to Bible study? Especially people we really like? Well. Mostly because I don’t feel qualified. If you know me, chances are you’ve noticed one or two of my tiny, little flaws. Going to Bible study, and certainly leading a Bible study, seems like a job for the girls with nice hair and the right clothes. The ones who never yell. Never spend their kids allowance at Starbucks. You know the ones. The people who not only love God but also have their “stuff together”.
Uhm. If those are the qualifications, I’m out. WAY out.
BUT. What if someone who wasn’t very good at consistency. Or organization. Or matching clothes. What if THAT girl invited you to study the Bible? How about a frequently grouchy mom, an often irritable coworker, or perpetually domestically impaired wife…? What if someone who GETS BORED VERY QUICKLY and has a hard time thinking about one thing at a time, what if she invited you to crack open the Bible with the goal of changing how we plan to live TODAY? Would you be interested?
So that’s what I’m doing here. Because I know God is real. And He’s made some BIG promises. And all of His promises are TRUE. And I feel crazy alive as I chase after Him. And his JOY infuses the dark and crummy places. His word folds outwards. His LOVE is ever expanding, filling me to the top. Deep in my bones a FIRE burns bright and I just have to LIVE IT OUT. Even when I’m drinking decaf.
But it wasn’t always this way. God has been a part of my life for a long time. God has always wanted all of me. But, honestly, I didn’t want “all of Him”. Because…reasons. Mostly. Control. I wanted to stay in control. Call the shots. Be the boss. Shirk the work. Avoid the pain. I wanted to love God AND be comfortable. And then, I started reading the Bible in 3D. And everything got turned around and redefined. And this whole Christian thing got SO MUCH SIMPLER and vastly more interesting. Not easier. Not safer. But WAY more doable. And for a girl born to be wild, much more adventurous.
The Bible in 3D is sparkly (shocking) with multimedia type presentation suitable for short attention spans. I can honestly say, I’ve never worked this hard, learned this much, or had quite this much fun studying God’s word with a group of friends. By peeling the “familiar” off venerated passages we explore the scene with 3D glasses in an effort to define “strength and weakness” in God’s terms. We boldly go where we need to go. David’s cave? Saul’s battle field? The disciples sinking boat? It’s a wild ride. Its 12 weeks of adventure and appropriate (or as appropriate as I can ever be) for women ages 15-101. I highly recommend teenagers take it with a Mom or a good friend – as teenagers have a lot to teach those people. It begins THURSDAY MARCH 5th 2015 at 6:30 pm at Lighthouse Christian Center. The Bible in 3D is designed to be experienced as a “team” so bring some friends or come make some new ones. Or you could take the study by yourself and just sit in the back. Whatevs. It’s about what YOU need. Childcare is available with advanced registration (Childcare does fill up so register early.) All are welcome. Especially you adventurous types.
So. This is a shout out to the “rest of us”. Time crunched. Over worked. Under rested. The people who want to know what John 10:10 really means. Life Application. One. Day. At. A. Time.
If you are hooked up and running strong in another awesome study or group, excellent-o! But if you need a little somethin-somethin or you know a friend to whom you could recommend this study, I’d deeply appreciate it! And your prayers. Those I crave the MOST-EST. Hope to see you in March!
Hollylu 7 < 8
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